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There has been an evolution in the workplace over the last few years. Remote work has stopped being simply the cheap option for companies and has started becoming the right option, not just to reduce costs, but also to hire the best talent. A growing number of companies are choosing to be distributed instead of in-person and even without physical offices are growing to valuations of more than a billion dollars.

At R.A.R.E.Sol, our focus is on allowing our clients to build distributed teams that can work wherever and whenever they want, so their businesses can focus on allocating their office-running costs elsewhere. We have seen a huge amount of growth in the remote work sector over the past few years and are proud to be one of the best remote work management firm.

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Taking care of ourselves and each other.

Empowering people to live fulfilling lives.

Making long-term decisions, even if they’re harder.

Embracing awareness and gratitude for the moment.

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Rahil Thaker
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Rachna Thaker
Head - Human Resources
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CA Harry Shah
Head - Accounts & Taxation
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Tejas Gandhi
Digital Marketing Specialist
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Ray Swamy
Head - Marketing & Communications
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Bhavya Mehta
Subject Matter

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